Monday, May 15, 2017

Form and Perspective

   Taking George Spencer Brown's Laws of Form as a point of departure, my four-thousand-word book Form and Perspective explores through their property of perspectuality the simple forms and relationships that arise as form incorporates three and more spaces, states or values, and takes the resulting equations as simple models of natural phenomena.


   Take the expression


to symbolize the perspective from a room A of a middle room B and a far room C.

   Now step from room A into room B, from which the perspective is


   And now room C, with perspective


   Symbolize such perspectuality by

   A(B(C)) =p B(A)(C) =p C(B(A))

   Such forms, expressions, perspectives and equations are what this book is about.

   FP is available as free PDF from, and (it doesn't display correctly on the last two but the PDFs download fine).

   FP is also available as a POD 8x11 paperback at Lulu, with a deliberately-provocative cover.

[20170624 Rewrite on way, better heurism, some other rewriting, especially in the phenomenology.]

Keywords: philosophy,analysis,form,perspective,topology,physics,astronomy